You Can Do It. We Can Help - Home Depot Commercial

The title above is a slogan for one of the two Big Dogs of the home improvement store game. If I were to base my decision to shop there on the commercials, I'm not buying it. When I'm dirty, sweaty, and possibly bleeding from my latest attempt to repair just about anything around my house, I want to talk to someone who's got scars. Let me see hands with callouses, and maybe even a missing fingertip or two. It's hard-earned experience that counts when your talking electrical work or plumbing.

The helpful salesfolk in the commercials look so softly lit, friendly, neat and clean, and that's just not convincing enough for me. Don't give me someone who looks like me, give me someone who can tell me how to rip my wall down without causing the second floor to cave in.

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Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.