Meet Ted Ferguson, Daredevil - Bud Light Commercial

If you've ever wanted some television stunts you could safely try at home, meet tv's newest daredevil, Ted Ferguson.

According to BeverageWorld Online, he's the new weapon in the Great War Between the Beers. Ted's philosophy, "Always Worth It", refers to his beverage of choice, Bud Light, and he'll do nearly anything to get it including:

Actually listening to his girlfriend.
Remaining at the office two minutes past 5:00 pm.
Listening to an entire John Tesh CD.
Not looking at a table of hot chicks while lunching with his girlfriend.

The mind reels with the possibilities for injury here, so all of his stunts are performed with helmut and eyewear.

His reward for enduring this brutality is that his pals come rushing in in the nick of time with a cold Bud Light, towels, airbag, and just about anything he needs to recover from the trauma. It's actually funny stuff, especially if you're a fan of Johnny Knoxville and his band of maniacs in Jackass (the movie or series). The popularity of Ted's character is fueled by the fact that many of us have already bravely stayed at the office two minutes past quitting time or had to listen to a John Tesh or Kenny G cd without the benefit of a cold one or the support of a team of friends.

I'll be waiting for Ted's girlfriend to star in her own series where she takes on his dim-witted but admittedly amusing antics.

Please, go ahead and try these stunts at home.


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