Gap Commercial: "Pardon Our Dust"

Entertaining Oxymoron: Anarchy at The Gap

Click here to watch the complete 30 seconds of anarchy.

Is this liberating Spike Jonze commercial Pushed through your Idiot Box? I haven't seen it except for video clips on the internet but wish it would air in my area. It would undoubtedly get me to put down my glass of merlot to watch.

I'm hoping the remodeling of the Gap stores lives up to the radical change the commercial seems to promise. It would be pretty unfortunate yet not surprising, however, if the actions within it prompted a viral response.

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Lord Kronouss said...

while this advert is fun to watch it only makes my desire to walk in to the GAP and or Old Navy with a large hammer and smash the place to hell. Personly I view both stores a a big part of what is wrong with the US and world today, but that is me.