Pimp My In(e)surance Company - Esurance Commercial

Thanks to some folks over at Ghostbot and Wildbrain Animation Studios I've been quite entertained by a hip and edgy animation. It features a pink-haired, sassy spy by the name of Erin Esurance who swoops in (just in time, naturally) to assist hapless but handsome tough guys.

It's not often that I can immediately recall a product pushed by a particular commercial without having been thumped over the head with it, but this series is a delightful exception. The otherwise horrifically dull subject of selecting insurance companies has been pimped into creative and well-constructed eye candy and what results is entertainment I sometimes find preferrable to the show it interrupts. Sending a sales pitch through a series featuring an intelligent, witty and youthful fashionista-spy is a great way to target self-proclaimed sassy women and girls of all ages. The fact that she sports rather generous curves in all the right places helps attract the eye of those who'd rather reflect on her Barbie proportions. Either way and for whatever reason the personal appeal, Erin grabs the viewers in this household and hangs on even as she swings from rooftops, destroys robots, and zooms off in her hybrid.... in the driver's seat, of course.

Is it too trite to give a commercial a thumbs-up?

Photo Credit:  rumorsdaily.com

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CT said...

Not at all. Thanks for the pointers to the creators of those spots; I've been digging the esurance commercials too.