AOL Commercial -Wants You to Fear Your Internet

A giant of an internet service provider has decided that capitalizing on the current atmosphere of fear is the best method for their Push. The trend of feeding on consumer fear began in the 90's, was horrifically fueled by the events of 9/11, and shows no sign of stopping. It's the reason we drive bigger and bigger cars, take prescription drugs to prevent diseases we've barely been diagnosed with, and lock ourselves ever more securely behind closed doors and drawn curtains. The bogeyman of the Big Bad Outside world can now come to get us right in our own cocoon. He just uses our computer.

Unless we subscribe to a certain internet provider, that is.

The fear of malicious internet intruders is real and for any computer user, the prospect of being attacked by something we have no knowledge of how to protect ourselves against is daunting, to say the very least. Using hip, young spokespersons who are ready with answers before the questions are even presented, reinforces the notion that they are at least one step ahead of the perpetrator. So that the consumer/viewer isn't completely frightened away by the idea that the world of technology will turn against us, the commercial shows the "average" person within the walls of the ISP's offices as if we're able to just drop by to ask questions of friendly and knowledgeable people who will happily fire off pithy responses.

To reassure a potential customer that you've not only figured out how to keep the Big Bad Internet Wolf away, but are readily accessible to allay all of their hacker fears is a most effective ad campaign indeed.

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