Stuffing My Chalupas - TacoBell Commercial

How important is it to have a full stomach after a meal purchase?

This "Mexican" fast food chain at the sign of the Bell has decided that it means Everything to their target and by airing commercials during the chosen time slots, they've identified the "target" to be me. Well, don't feel left out. They mean you too.

The chosen message for the costly 30 second spots is reduced to the fact that, if nothing else, I'll at least have the satisfaction of feeling full after devouring a taco. The ambitious fast food chain is not just banking on this single gluttonous factor for driving it's success, but has determined that the message is profound enough to warrant actors proudly shouting it in my ear. Here, the issue of the food quality is non-existent, and the Pushers have declared that I've reached an ironically empty conclusion that stuffing an empty hole in my body is far more desirable than what's placed into it.

Unabashed consumerism at its most basic level occurs when it's disguised as serving a basic need for nourishment.

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1 comment:

jayne d'Arcy said...

Annoying, yes, but I still love my chicken chalupas. However, full? No way. Like chinese food, an hour later, I need something more. lol