What Say You? Commercials catch your eye?

I'm in the mood for some interaction, 'cause I know I've had some readers lurking about without leaving comments. This leads me to the conclusion that you're either shy, or find this topic... or maybe my writing style, rather dull. Since most folks I know have an opinion on their favorite or most hated commercials, I'd like to invite you to post a comment about the advert that tickles you, or... the one which nearly prompts you to write a letter of protest to the Pusher. Go ahead. Be anonymous. Just leave a comment. Let me know which direction you'd like to see this blog move in. Grin.

Please, indulge me. So that readers can easily access your comments, they'll pop up in a handy little window.

Salud, y'all.


Duncan said...

Hi. Thanks for calling in at Duncan's TV Adland. And it's good to see what you're up to here as well. I'd be happy to exchange links. When it comes to comments I've found that people comment about specific ads or campaigns that they feel passionate about. If they're mad about something like the ampd mobile senator ad they'll search for somewhere they can have their say. Or if they're rapturous about it they'll look for more information and a place to write about their feelings. But that's the small majority of people - most people are browsing and don't feel comfortable writing back. Perhaps it's the time it takes to write with two fingers. Or maybe it's because we sometimes don't feel qualified to engage with the writer. A forum's a different matter.

Rob said...

Memestream, two tidbits for yourself and your readers. As you already discovered on my own blog, I'm quite fascinated with Sony's recent Bravia commercial (www.bravia-advert.com).

Another advertising campaign that I find completely mind boggling is that of the Apple ipod. Those white headphones against the blacked out dancer have made more money for Apple than they could have ever dreamed.

Also, you left a comment asking about my involvement with the entertainment industry, which it just so happens I am. I recently started as a technical director working for Dreamworks Animation. Sort of the opposite of what you did. I'm a computer science graduate that was lured into the world of CG filmmaking.

always write said...

You know what? I can't come up with a single noteworthy ad. And that's largely because I've stopped watching TV. And THAT is largely because of the commercials. Which I guess answers your question: I hate them all. (And for what it's worth, I'm a former ad copywriter, though not for TV.)