D McConnell

A degree in Communications and Media just wasn't enough and so I added a second one in Film Studies just because I enjoyed my early film classes so much.  I spent five years absorbing entire semesters of classic Hitchcock with liberal chasers of Spike Lee and French Film. Not to mention learning the fine art of writing entire 10-page papers on the nuance and intricacies of 3-minute-long sequences of noir film.

Combine that Really Fun and Not Useful Choice in College Majors with an unrealized film career and a very short attention span for tv, and you've got the makings of this, my illustrious and budding career as an armchair tv commercial critic.

After getting caught writing the same paper for two classes on the same subject, I was lectured by a disappointed instructor who didn't seem to like the fact that I'd plagiarized my own work.

"I can see you published one day," he said.

I really don't think he imagined it quite like this.

PushBox contains my personal opinion of the 30 second stories, or television ads, pushed through my idiot box. And as far as opinions go, television advertisers, I guess you could say you've shown me yours, and now I get to show you mine.