Theraflu's Magic Elixir

Theraflu's creepy commercials get an excellent MSN commentary by Seth Stevenson in this article, found here.

When I first saw the spots, I was also under the impression that it may have been an ad for a new monster flick and I paid attention for the full allotted time slot. It seemed to wonderfully capture my feelings of appearing to be a disgusting ogre whenever a cold or flu renders me sneezy, drippy, and otherwise untouchable.
... Drippy and otherwise untouchable...

Theraflu ads bring to life the unspoken horror of living within a body filled with contamination by way of a green, swollen, and generally ugly man slogging his way through the public. His ostracization is ended, miraculously, when a little girl takes pity on him and hands him a magical transforming elixir.

If a medicine can cure my social exile during my time of neediness, I'm buying. Oh, and if it can cure even a monster of his ugliness, I'm heavily investing!

photo: Theraflu.com

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Dirty Butter said...

I, too, identify with this commercial. I do not, however, get a high level of brand recognition from it. I knew which ad you were talking about instantly, but could not have told you which cold remedy was being advertised. So is it really that good an ad?

ozymandiaz said...

Now you're talking. Come out with a pill to cure ugly and get me a prescription.