eHarmony Commercial: Hitting The Dating Mark?

Ever wonder what type of person a computerized matchmaker would choose as your mate? Is there a programmed formula for finding the right partner? Would that program have hit the mark with my already chosen mate?

eHarmony's got me curious, and though I'd love to hate them, it's the reason I'd consider the commercials successful.

Whether or not I believe the offered service will result in discovering a soulmate is irrelevant. As a matter of fact, I don't want to be matched with any specific person since I'm nicely paired right now, but the ads leave me wondering what sort of qualities an objective third party believes would compliment me and my lifestyle. I'm ready to sign up just to see the list! Would they choose a long-haired and dangerous biker type or a safe, conservative accountant? The possibilities in between are endless and that's where they've got me. It's not about finding a date, it's about getting a better picture of myself. Appealing to my ego is what a good part of marketing is designed to do.

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LilRed said...

I actually know three couples who have found relationships (and eventually marriage) via eHarmony. Interesting!

Tonya said...

I've thought the same thing myself several times. I've always ended up wondering if I could find out what type of person they would choose as a match for me without actually having to take it any further. Not sure The Hubster would be too thrilled with the whole idea.

McRubble said...

I'm skeptical of any matchmaking that is partly predicated on the idea that people who have similar interests will make good mates.