Nextel and Sprint's Commercials Are Pushin' It Real Good

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This commercial works with or without sound. It's so popular that it's made comeback more than a year after being introduced.
...My eyes snap to the tv whenever I hear the driving music...

TBWA\Chiat\Day New York was responsible for putting it out in 2004, but with the Sprint/Nextel marriage, it's been reintroduced, and I still find it funny. The Push has several brilliant layers:

1. Without sound the message delivered is that Nextel helps keep work interruptions as short as possible so that the real "business" at hand can resume.

2. With sound, that same message is enhanced and even though I don't understand a word being said, my eyes snap to the television whenever I hear that driving music.

3. Once I actually listen to the snappy and concise dialogue, I understand the variety of uses for the product.

4. The closing frames hold the real message, and they've employed a delicious tactic in getting me to watch the fun until Nextel's "business at hand" is delivered. The message, "Push It" refers to the walkie talkie button as well as the advert. In that way, this very clever commercial is self-referential.

It's no wonder its won several awards.

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Anonymous said...

If we could only gather our co-workers and take a little time to dance around the office to pumping music, we would probably enjoy our jobs more. Nextel has gotten in touch with our playful side. Most of us have the same routine everyday and wish for a release. If we can't travel, why not dance our blues away. Because you know the saying "All work and no play makes...

Lord Kronouss said...

Well to me this advert is right up there with all of the Sonic ones of late I do not know who is more annoying the two guys or the husband and wife.

Nextel and Sprint are realling pushing me to want to do some one some harm I see this bloody thing every time I turn on the tv and the bloody thing was even shown at the movie theater I went to this evening. I wish some one would make it end all they make me want to do is drop sprint in the hopes that they go bankrupt just so I no longer have to hear or see this advert any more.