CitiBank: Burnin' Down The House

Not only has the practice of speaking to a human being during a banking customer service call become rare, according to CitiBank, its a luxury for those who Live Richly. Ironically, we're supposed to do this with a "Simplicity" card.

The spots depict a balding everyguy bathed in the muted tones filmmakers have now begun to use to signify the drabness of our everyday existence. Dull, gray, and without warmth or personality. Poor Everyguy, he just wants to seamlessly complete his customer service transaction without accidentally burning his house down and I can feel his pain. It seems all calls to places of business now involve punching numbers, repeating numerals to a seemingly deaf ear, and juggling ID cards, cell phones, and documents.

"For English, Press or Say 1"
"Para Espanol, marke el dos", or something to that effect.

Thankfully, there's a creditor who will gladly take your interest payments and apply a portion to the salaries of human beings hired to await your phone call. Well, you'll still have to punch keys through the automated system before can you find them.

For an excellent commentary on how this card compares to CitiBank's other card offers, visit Being Reasonable.

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Lord Kronouss said...

I am so sick of people making a big deal out of computers when you are trying to call and make a payment for some thing nine times out of ten hit 0 if you do it a few times the computer will think you are too cheap to own a tuch tone phone and if you are calling sprint well then just say rep when the compther asks why you are calling it is easy.