NetZero Commercial Attacks AOL, Attacks Self

Most NetZero commericals are parodies attacking their larger competitor. I can understand how they'd think this was a great idea, I mean, if you're the little kid on the block offering the same lemonade as the big bully at half the price, why not point out that your cup's bigger than his. Makes sense. Sure, I might even try the "kick him in the shins and run" tactic.

But you can really take a good idea too far. My point is that NetZero has an ad running which uses the same actors as AOL, the same boardroom setting, and basic storyline. The problem is that I never noticed that it wasn't AOL. What the ad folks seem to have missed is that most of us don't sit with rapt attention when an ad gets Pushed to us. We're surfing, reading, catching up on conversations, or just plain living.

It all boils down to the same adage... Don't tell me how smart and witty you are, show me.

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Lord Kronouss said...

Personly I think that due to the same actors and sets that NetZero is part of AOHell