5 Questions for the Boogeymen - IBM Commercial

It's pretty tough to fighten me through a commercial, but IBM's gone and done it.
I have a few questions about their latest helpdesk commercial featuring a truck screeching to a halt in front of a suited woman behind a desk. She just happens to be planted in the middle of the road because the truck has gone off of its route.

Whatever the reason for the deviation from the assigned route, the commercial leads me to a few questions.

1. IBM, are you kidding me?

2. Have we really accepted the fact that inanimate objects can channel information directly to you, then report on us?

3. Are you under the impression that this fact should be advertised on television because the average viewer would really like to know that he's being watched and tracked?

4. Are there any plans to regulate you and your RFID tags and the implications of planting them for the purpose of reporting on employees?

5. Have you gotten so Big, Blue, that you've bought into your own omniscience?

And finally, Have I asked enough questions?

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allan said...

Blue is that big.

As to regulation, I have heard nothing.

I think "the powers" want to be able to track everyone, every action, all the time.

Their need for control is far more powerful than our desire for freedom and privacy.

Or so it seems.

Dirty Butter said...

You asked some of the same questions my DH and I have, as we watched this commercial. My hubby was in route sales, and right before he retired, the handheld computer was reporting to the main office if he took "too long" in an account!

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blog, and I hope you come again soon.

Kickstand said...

For more helpful IBM hints see 1984 - either the Apple commerical or the Orwel book.