Vickie's Not-So Secret - Victoria's Secret Commercial

Victoria's Secret's got a hit. Talk about empowering women! It's long been known that a beautiful woman in underwear can distract even the staunchest men from the most serious task at hand, but this advert stops nearly everyone near a tv set, cold. Sure, the women parade in costumes more alluring than nudity itself, but this 30 seconds results in an all-around win situation for everyone involved. Consider:

Message to Subject:
Gaze upon the beauty of my female form. The woman in your life wants this, wants to look like this, and when you purchase these skimpy little pieces of cloth, she'll come as close as you're gonna get to this. As a bonus, you'll give her a beautiful gift to boost her lovely ego (read sexual confidence)

Message to Object:
Gaze upon the beauty of my female form. You, too, can look and feel like this with the bonus of feeling loved and admired if your subject purchases this skimpy little piece of cloth. You'll believe you're hot, if not simply hotter than you normally look in your white cotton briefs.

Message to Pusher not required. Money is received, profits are made, and an intoxicating mind-virus is born.


Anonymous said...

In most cases, advertisers seem to be telling us our lives are not complete until we spend our hard earned money on things we probably will keep in the back of closets or cupboards, but what the hell spend it anyway. You're doing this country a great service by keeping our businesses thriving. Ha.. What they force upon us implies that we owe it to them to take a look at what is being offered. But in this case, Victoria's secret seems to say she wants us to know that reality bites, that the differences between us women are subject to contradiction. We don't have an obligation to look the way the models do, who clearly have enough money to correct any imperfection, but have sense to accept the way we look inside.

George aka Xavior Ownases said...

Advertising doesn't create trends--it follows trends and exploits needs-- real or perceived. In the cae of Victora's Secret, most women feel they ARE beautiful and sexy. They have to feel this way or their existance will be miserable. There is no place for reality in sexuality, which depends on self dilusion by association with acceptable imagery--in this case feeling that one is part of the beautiful world. An equal. It is the same as when men wear clothing with the label of their favorite team or golfers buiy the most expensive clubs and clothes. I say it doesn't make any difference--if something will get you out of the house with some feeling of confidence, it's ok. Even the worse rock star has to play air guitar in the dressing roomto get the courage to go on stage.