Sealed - Commercial with Great Sound

Whenever I see a certain commercial aired lately, I involuntarily pause to watch. I can never remember what the commercial is about, and it doesn't matter, really. It's his face, the deep valleys of those scars, and the rich brown glow of his skin. I think about that face a lot and wonder why it holds so much appeal. It's an attraction like the kind experienced when admiring a well-composed black and white photo, a bronze sculpture, or a perfectly angled camera shot in a good film.

I believe the reason for this commercial-induced trance is that I enjoy looking at his marked face. The camera shot is close up, highlighting what is normally airbrushed out or hidden with soft lighting. The lighting is actually harsh and unforgiving, cutting sharp shadows in the tracks. I like flaws... but only those that can't be helped, couldn't be avoided, or were accidentally acquired.

And the fact that he sings through them, smiles through... is beautiful. A moving work of art in the slow widening of his gap-toothed smile. I know makes me listen to his song, and isn't that all we ever ask?

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Anonymous said...

Seal is cool. Although he isn't much to look at, his music and passioniate voice makes him appealing.