No Trouble, No Worry. Talking Dogs Need Not Apply - Traveler's Commercial

Lots of advertisers have tried to entertain us by humanizing animals, but most of them just don't get it.  Talking dogs are marginally funny and only for the first few seconds.  And having them hold signs in their mouths isn't a better option.  Take a look at this Pup Peroni spot for proof. 

Maybe it's that companies have to try harder when their product is an intangible.  I'm betting that's why most of the commercials I find fun to watch come from eTrade babies or pink-haired Erin and her esurance

It seems Fallon Minneapolis ad creators Scott O’Leary and Ryan Peck reached just a little further into their creative pockets to pull out engaging material, and with their Traveler's "Prized Possession" ad, they've won me over.  Yes, it's another ad featuring an animal with human characteristics, but it's one that's done right.  There are no special effects to speak of.  I instantly empathize with this dog's need to protect his prize without a word barked, or sign written.  Because the action, at once typically human and canine, is underscored by the simple lyrics and raw emotion in the voice of Ray LaMontagne, this message needs nothing more.

By the end, I find I'm just a scruffy little dog trying to protect my bone.  And I want a red umbrella.

Ray LaMontagne's full song, Trouble, from the album by the same name.

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