Geico's "Who's Watching" - Pushbox Voted Most Pointless Commercial

Geico is so committed to appealing to "every man" that they've created some of the worst commercial spokescharacters going.  I've written about that little Gecko before.  You know, the one with the accent that used to sound more British but has recently decided on possibly Australian?

Then there were the cavemen, those featureless, raceless beings who, with their unamusing misadventures, are meant to appeal to everyman.  And now they've taken their unwillingness to commit to an identity to new heights.  Meet the one character who'll never offend -  a mute stack of money with eyes. 

It's one thing to play it safe enough to offend no one, but you've gone to great effort to remove the human element from all of your ads.  The Somebody's Watching Me campaign is decidedly one of the worst I've seen in recent memory.   Somebody's watching?  Even the song has a problem with commitment.

Need I say anything more, Geico?  The only thing these commercials have going for you is that Michael Jackson's memory is fresh.  Because nothing else about this is.

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