30 Freaky Commercials and some Modernista!

Has anyone else noticed that commercials have gotten
very WEIRD lately? No, I mean even stranger than usual.

The Geico stack-o-cash ads are admittedly odd, but not nearly on par with these included in Adfreak's The 30 Freakiest Commercials of 2009.  Quite a few of the ads are international PSA's I've so far been spared, but Tabasco's greasy talking pepperoni faces have regularly infiltrated my living room.


I can only guess that the economy has advertisers reaching far into their back pockets rummaging for a WOW only to come up with a ball of hairy lint.

My vote for CreepQueen goes to Palm Pre's Tamara Hope.  It's been a while since I've seen the green-faced woman with a strange sense of Zen, but she really makes me nervous.  I'm never really certain what she was trying to tell me.  Is it that owning a palm pre, a phone she'd like me to purchase for the purpose of keeping in touch with friends and family, watching videos, playing around with silly apps, or connecting to social networks, is a quiet and lonely experience?  Seems ad agency Modernista! may have missed the memo on what a smartphone is actually used for.  My theory that the ad is communicating a simple wish that their own personal phones would stop the incessant delivery of work-related messages.  Of course I could be wrong.  The commercial could very well be a philosophical commentary on the zen concept of emptiness, though a very literal interpretation. 

Have you visited the Modernista web page?  It seems a lot of folks can't make much sense of their message, let alone this client's.

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