Channeling Madge thru Amy Winehouse - Progressive Commercial

You know Flo.

Men have fallen hopelessly in love with this unassuming, aproned girl-next door, and I'll confess I've got my own girl-crush going.  Maybe you've stumbled across The Cult of the Progressive Car Insurance Chick while googling for tricked-out nametags or tickets to the white-space nirvana, a cloud computing shopper's heaven. 

Or should that have remained my own little secret.

Twitter's always buzzing with Flo "hot or not" quizzes where the debate on her sexy status falls hard into the territory of fandom.

With her tricked-out nametag, Flo, or Stephanie Courtney, is said to be baffled by the attention, but she's in a family of commercial personalities Americans don't mind barging into their living rooms.  She's a perky Amy Winehouse channeling the folksy and outspoken Madge, Palmolive dishwashing liquid's spokesperson from 1966 to 1992.   Colgate-Palmolive got Americans to trust the savvy working woman in uniform then, and we seem to love Progressive's red-lipped, quirky reinvention.

For your comparison:

Stephanie's signed on with the insurance company for at least another year, so we'll have plenty of time for the romance to grow cold.

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