Oh, Generique! - Doce & Gabbana Commercial

I've resurrected this blog, Dolce & Gabbana, because not only do I hate what you've done to McConaughey, but I don't think I can possibly forgive you for ruining my favorite Miles Davis piece.

And seriously, Matthew, I can only ask you... WHY?  

The commercial starts off strong with a gorgeous black and white slow motion shot of a sleek and mysterious car you know is going to be carrying someone of style and importance.  Miles' Generique starts on cue, drawing my attention to the noir feel every.single.time in delicious anticipation of what I know signals a sensual scene.  It's because Generique was originally played in the 1958 French film Ascenseur pour l'echafaud.

But then our actor exits the car in a stiff and obvious pose and the commercial dies at that very second.  The rest is forced and over the top, with the paparazzi's movements so overly choreographed that it grates against Miles' soft and beautifully raw notes in the background.  The effect of this juxtaposition exaggerates the cheesy visuals and not in a humorous or tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

I'm not sure whether Dolce & Gabanna takes themselves so seriously as to believe we'll fall for this overt attempt at making us desire being the object of desire but it falls as completely flat as McConaughey's abs, the only shot that, for some, may redeem this irritating bit of fluff.

At least I love the soundtrack and can enjoy it in the way it was intended:

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