When Rainbows Throwup GAP Holiday Wishes - Gap Commercial

I couldn't let the year end without posting about GAP's holiday ads. The brainchild of local Crispin Porter & Bogusky (cpbgroup), these commercials make me wish I'd once been a sassy little 10-year-old who dared to dress as though a rainbow had thrown up all over me.

... What's this about 
talking to the moose?

Not kidding.  I love these ads. The energy of these girls infects me every time and I applaud the group for the choice of using an easily memorized cheer. They've gone back to the very basics to come up with a brilliant tv jingle.  And to use a cheer at all, combining catchy phrases, group participation, excitement, and youth? Genius.  I don't even care that I hate uggs or their knockoffs when I think: how cute are those boots?!

Now go ahead, see if you can view this without wanting to *SQUEE*.

Got a questions for you, though, CPB. What's this stuff about talking to a moose?

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